Tolpon suvun yhteys Lönnroteihin

Karoliina Kristiina, os. Tolpo, 1839-1923. Hän on sukua Eliaksen ja Adolfin isoisän vaimon puolelta, Gabriel ja Karolina Sofia Tolpon tytär.kristiina tolpo







Karoliina avioitui Sven Israel Törnströmin, 1836-1906 kanssa.



Heidän sukunimensä muutettiin vuonna 1906 Hiidenheimoksi.


Moni Tolpo muutti Amerikkaan, tässä heistä yksi heistä, kuvanveistäjä Carl Tolpo:

Admiration for Abraham Lincoln

Carl Tolpo, a patriotic man, admired exemplary virtues of Abraham Lincoln and devoted muchcarl tolpo of his career to creating Lincoln likenesses. He was friend to Gutzan Borglum, sculptor of Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota – some of Borglum’s tools were passed on to Carl Tolpo.  His research and studies of Lincoln for approximately twenty years resulted in several sculptures with a final heroic 42” head completed in the 1950’s carved in plaster. The Lincoln statues were created and completed in Illinois studios. He also enjoyed Lincoln’s humor and would refer to such quotes as often as fittingly possible in everyday life and in his essays and speeches. Speeches by, Carl Tolpo, were given at Ford’s Theatre, Washington, D.C., Illinois State Senate and Clubs.  He believed that art must have a morality to it, “a wholesome, constructive purpose.”

Some goals he stated were:

“…To help preserve the best in art…With Lincoln’s integrity, courage, sense of humor and physical strength, Lincoln is a great subject and a great challenge for the artist…We both had the advantage of being born in poverty; he rose to the heights and I hope I can do the same…Great art and great substance are inseparable…We cannot all fly to the moon. But we can all strive to create and enjoy the beautiful.”

 The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library include Carl Tolpo collection art and archives.


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